Are you are looking to get a fish tank but don't have the time to take care of it?  Do you need help getting started? If this sounds like you, my service will be perfect for you. 

If you are searching for an affordable price but an awesome fish tank, this is the place for you. I provide my services locally in the surrounding area to Sterling IL. I will help make owning a fish tank simple and easy.

       If you have a fish tank at work but don't want to come in on the weekends to take care of it, I will. If it takes too long to clean a fish tank, I will. If you just need help getting started in the hobby, I will help. If this sounds like you, please check out the pricing and services page. 

60 gallon tank creation in 2023.

The creation of a fish tank can be an intricate process of weaving wood, rocks, and plants to create a seamless look of nature. The process of making a seamless tank sometimes can take quite a while or the pieces can fall into place. Over the years I have made quite a few fish tanks and learned that taking as much time until it it fits into place is the way to go. I would recommend if you want a certain style of tank to get the tank setup package instead of the native fish tank creation package.  Small tanks may be able to be transported to the location that you want but for larger tanks they will have to be created on location.

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